Who We Are

Boardman Fire Corps exists to support and provide assistance to Boardman Rural Fire Protection District (Boardman RFPD). As a Fire Corps volunteer, you will be part of a national volunteer program where you can aid Boardman RFPD with non-emergency tasks allowing district members to better protect our community from fires, natural disasters, and other incidents. In return, you will gain a greater understanding of emergency services and become better prepared to handle your own emergencies. Boardman RFPD will match your talents and interests to an appropriate assignment. For example, if you're a graphic designer, we may ask you to help design a brochure; or if you're an experienced cook, we may ask you to organize meals for firefighters working on emergencies.  Boardman RFPD requires a completed application, introduction interview with command staff and regular attendance of monthly meetings. Additional training may be offered depending on your assignment. Thank you for your interest in Boardman Rural Fire Protection District.  

Feel free to call 541-481-3473 for an application or further questions.

Fire Corps Members