*Wildland Fire Academy April 25th-27th 2020*

Questions & Answers

How do I join?

   Fill out an application. Your application will then be reviewed and considered. Applications can be found on this website under the ‘Volunteering’ tab or you can pick up an application at the fire station.

How difficult is it to become a Volunteer Firefighter?

 Is anything truly worthwhile easy? It takes a bit of time and effort to complete the required training, but there is lots of encouragement and help along the way. We try to work with people’s schedules as much as we can as well.

Will I get paid to volunteer?

  In dollars and cents, no. In experience and opportunity, yes! The feeling you get from doing something valuable for others is a feeling that makes it worthwhile. .

Can I fight real fire?

   Once you have finished the required training you will be able to perform fire suppression duties.

How much does it cost to be involved?

 Nothing. Just your time and commitment 

Are there ways to volunteer without becoming a firefighter?

   Fire Corps is another volunteer opportunity. As a Fire Corps volunteer you will aid Boardman RFPD with non-emergency tasks allowing district members to better protect our community from fires, natural disasters, and other incidents. 

Does the fire district install smoke detectors for residents?

  Yes, when they are available. The fire district will install smoke detectors for free for homeowners within the Boardman Rural Fire District upon request. Call the station to see if the smoke detectors are available.


Do I have to have a burn permit to have an open burn within the Boardman Fire District?

  Yes, stop by the Boardman Rural Fire District Station #1 to get a burn permit.

Who do I call when I am going to burn?

   After you have your burn permit, call the Morrow County Dispatch- 541-676-5317 prior to burning.

*Burning season CLOSED annually June 15th- September 1st.*